The Belt (v1.6.1 Adams) Stellaris for Stellaris

The Belt (v1.6.1 Adams) Stellaris for Stellaris

Update for The Belt mod to version 1.6.1


– Q) Can i colonise with non robotic-pops?
– A) YES, pick either the asteroid miners trait, enabling your species to colonise asteroids from the start, or use robot pops (droids or higher) to colonise and then build the life-support system unique building, which will improve habitability enough for non-robot pops to migrate

– Q) Is the asteroid miners trait required to colonise asteroids?
– A) NO, it just helps (see above and below)

Changes from previous versions:

– added ‘Eros’ to the Sol system
– fixed life-support systems
– added a new asteroid type: non-colonisable ‘Small Asteroids’ – this was the only way to reduce the spam of habitable asteroids in galaxy generation. (let me know if this works well or not)
– add three new Solar System initializers; one allows the player to start in a version of Sol where Earth has become a tomb world, while Mars has been terraformed into a continental world. Second allows for a start in which Mars and Luna will start as continental worlds, but the player still starts on Earth as normal. The third is an updated version of the Deneb system to bring it more in line with the changes made to the standard version of Sol.
– added a species trait which grants +45% asteroid habitability at game start (costs 1 point and 1 pick)
– increased the min/max range of potential asteroid from 4-7 to 5-15
– asteroids now fall under the habitats tab in the outliner, should lead to less overwhelming planet lists
– added a fully functioning environment portrait to asteroids, courtesey of Herr-Doktor Dire (Big Thanks!), who allowed me to use and slightly alter some visual assets from his ‘[Star Wars] Coruscant – Start System’ mod
– added Low-G labs for a 10% research buff, negating the planetary colonisation malus to research rate (Made by and used with permission of Great Lord Sval)
– reduced the buff creatd by the ‘asteroid’ modifier to be more balanced
– greatly increased the cost of Life-Support Systems, but in exchange they now provide more food and 2 unity.
– Also, any asteroid colony that does not have Life-Support Systems (or that has either habitability below 60% and/or Happiness below 50%) will be prone to the ‘Effects of Low-G on inhabitants’ events, which will create a new sub-species with the asteroid habitability preference along with new traits to reflect their evolution in a Low-G environment. To avoid biological divergance and the possible need to purge ensure all asteroids have good quality life-support!

xl Zema lx
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