The Outer Bulwark (Alpha)

The Outer Bulwark (Alpha)

The Outer Bulwark is a group of mercenaries split into 3 groups; The Peripheral Heart, The Focal Eye, and The Inmost Mind. Each provides the same services with a unique spin, and each will share their own piece of lore should you question them.

Their Services:
-Each faction offers a single ‘flagship’ fleet for hire, which can grow stronger as it is used and passed between each country. (As long as it lives, of course.)
-You can commission each faction to construct a fleet for you, with the strongest option being an imitation of the weakest version of their flagship fleet.
-You can commission trainers to help a section of your empire for 10 years.
-You can commission each faction to construct up to 30 stations for you.

Their Current Features:
-Every year and every time someone buys their services, they increase their ‘budget’. Every decade, they spend this budget on rebuilding fleets and stations, reinforcing their fleets, and repairing damaged ships.
-Attacking any of the groups permanently prevents you from purchasing their services again.
-They can be hired by normally no-tolerance no-xeno/no-biological empires.
-Each faction has a unique starting aspect; The Peripheral Heart starts with increased numbers of ships, The Focal Eye starts with Mark Two ships, and the Inmost Mind have extra ships in the form of modified Tiyanki.
-Each faction is highly jealous of each other and won’t offer some of their services if you recently bought a similar one from another faction.
-Each faction can increase their technology and number of ships in their fleets.

Please note: this is in alpha, so bugs should be expected to occur. Updates will be slow to come out for awhile (but will come in clusters), and for related reasons I’m unable to test as much as I would like. If you come across a bug or want to suggest some changes, especially with balance, please post them in the discussions below. As for the required DLC, they’re not actually required for the mod to work, but they are required if you want all the ships to have models. (Apocalypse you might not need at all, but better safe than sorry.) P.S. No spoilers please.

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