The Zenith of Fallen Empires: Origins

The Zenith of Fallen Empires: Origins

For over 10000 years, two ancient empires lay in ruins, forgotten while the galaxy moved on. But survivors of these mighty civilizations may yet sprout from the ashes of the Great Crusade and reclaim their place once more among the stars. Whether their return is wholly welcome, however, depends upon you… Will you follow your ancestors’ path once more that led them to their ruin? Or will you become what your ancestors were destined to be? Only time will tell.

The Zenith of Fallen Empires: Origins submod introduces 2 unique Origins, with unique storylines, bringing back the much anticipated custom Ringworld Starts and the Original People into one, neat package. It offers a new tier of technologies exclusive to the Original People Origin, as well as other unique events.

Add-on Features:

  • 2 New Origins
  • 8 Powerful Ringworld Starts for the Ringworld Empire Origin
  • New event to turn your ringworld into your Fallen Empire colours
  • Original People Origin, with Portraits, Species and Traits
  • Original People can access a host of technologies exclusive to them
  • Unique Events and Ascension Path for Original People
  • Original Escorts, Battlecruisers, Fallen Titan ship sections

Full List of Features .

Add-on Component Modules:

Limitations and FAQ:

Please click for Limitations and FAQ.


Please run this with Game Update 3.0.*

Requires a NEW SAVE to access features of this submod. (Duh? They are origins.)

Do NOT run this mod with ZoFE 2.0 Base Mod

Click for more information on Mod Compatibility.


English original by Kolyn.

Special Thanks:

I want to thank every Beta tester on Discord whose empires gave their lives to this mod. Their sacrifices will be remembered.

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