Torus Ring 2.8 (BETA)

Torus Ring 2.8 (BETA)

Welcome to Torus Ring Corrected 2.8 BETA

2.8 COMPATIBLE (Some issues to be resolved and tested, as this patch is being combined with a new Torus Optimisation & Balance Update!)


This is a Major Optimisation and Balance Update. Be aware some things may be different and won’t be properly explained until released.
[This is not the main branch and is thus was unlisted to the public but has now be changed so people can add it to their collections.[/b]

Note: This does not require Utopia or Apocalypse DLC.
Note-2: There is a new technology required to unlock levels 3 & 4 of the Torus called “Expansive Engineering” instead of the original vanilla “Tech Titans”.
Note-3: Costs of building a Torus, Torus Resource Production & Planetary and Traits modifier values have all been balanced, although will most likely not be final.

Current issues:

1. Torus Destruction needs further testing.
2. New Torus costs may be a tad drastic.
3. Two Maintenance Events that deal with Torus Handover have been turned off while I search for a solution to the reason they are misfiring.
[This was a past issue that seems to of resurfaced]
4. When changing species traits at the beginning of the came for those who receive the Tenuous Torus Start, the original Trait species will remain in the species browser with 0 pops attached to it. [Solved but a Founders Species issue now seems to of propped up, looking into.]

Main Branch:

  • (Please Look here for information about what this mod is and does. Thank You!)


Please be patient.
Thank You & I hope you enjoy!

Please point out any bugs you find.

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