Torus Ring Corrected 2.6 Mod

Torus Ring Corrected 2.6 Mod

Welcome to Torus Ring Corrected 2.6

This mod aims to carefully fix some of the issues and shortfalls from the original
Planet Rings – Torus Mod, so it can be a little bit more in line in terms of balance with everything else, while also providing the time to correct some of the formatting, code discrepancy’s and of course update in certain areas.

The original mod added a starting and or buildable Megastructure at the beginning of the game to be made use of. That could potentially be used to both produce a number of different resources, or with further upgrades, increase the yield and construct it’s own defensive grid to guard your entire capital system for peace of mind.

I will be actively tweaking and adding to the mod a little and often while I work on my own projects. So no worries, I intend to add a number of new features and do a lot of extensive further testing to make sure the mod can be the best it can be.

This does not require the original mod.

Updated Features:

One can now select from Two Origins:

  • Sol Torus: Start with a Level 1 Torus around the Earth Capital of Sol
  • Torus Alternate: | Start with a Level 1 Torus around a Random Capital Planet in six different choosable custom initializer systems.However only one each can spawn in a game!

Meaning the maximum number of Torus Starts that can be in a game at any one time is Two.

  • Player & AI, Player & Player, AI & AI.

Further Additions:

  • Carefully adjusted resource production, build construction and upgrade values for each Torus level. With particular attention being paid to the first level used via the Origins, to keep a sense of balance but retain that different gameplay feel and fun of such a start. Freshness I think is the best word for it.
    However there is still much room for improvement and I welcome critique and suggestions.
  • There are now Two Torus versions, the standard one and a weakened one for a flavoured start, that can be accessed via the Torus Alternate Origin start. This second version can only be spawned in with, not built and is randomed, so you might get either. There are differing weights for each of the Six new solar system initializers. Sol initializer will always start with the standard Torus.
  • Six new custom solar system initializers to be chosen from for the Torus Alternate Origin Start.
  • Two New Traits, one applied respectively of the Torus received through the Torus Alternate Origin.
  • A number of added and corrected placement areas for the Torus:
    Including the ability to have the Torus built around any active colony that an empire owns.
    Conversely the Torus cannot be built in any systems that contains any other Megastructure or special star classes: Black Holes, Pulsars, etc. (except gateways)
  • Cannot initially be used by Gestalt Consciousness. However they can build the Torus providing they decide and or discover the researchable technology for it later on.
  • It requires Torus Ring and Mega-Engineering Technology to upgrade the first levels, while requiring further Titan Tech for the last levels. Everyone else who does not use or get an Origin start can research the Tier3 Torus Ring Technology required for the Torus when able.
  • Special Planet Modifiers Bonuses are given per level to the starting Empire or Empire who constructs and upgrades the Torus.
  • Heavily Modified Torus Defence Network, that appears after the completion of the Level 3 Torus Megastructure upgrade.
    Perfect to fortify your lonesome colonies in the outer rim or defend Strategic Planets of Interest.
  • Balanced debuffs applied to both Origins, to best ensure balance when using the power of the Torus.
    (To be expanded upon. May require heavy tweaking.)
  • Mega-Engineering Tech as a research starter for all Origin Starts. (very high weight, should see not to long after game start. Appearing at around 6 tech upgrades in)
  • Neighbouring systems have no guaranteed habitable planets.
  • Custom Ambient Sounds || Based off modified Ringworld sounds as of current.
  • Fixed a number of bugs, code discrepancies and localisations.
  • The Torus adapts to planet sizes on initial Torus Origin spawn or construction. Allowing for a huge range of planets and classes being usable without the worry for clipping. Size 6 World? No Problem. Size 50 World, even though engine doesn’t really like that but still works? No Problem. The Torus Defence Network Upgrade Adapts to.
    (An extreme random variation in planet sizes will be available at some point, either via another Origin or the Torus (Random) Start Origin.)
  • AI is Enabled & Weighted.
    (However further testing will continue.)
  • Should theoretically work in Multiplayer without issues. However I haven’t had a testing partner per say myself.

Many New Features Planned.

[Not Implemented]
Currently concepting an event script that will dynamically change the Torus Megastructure based on planet size, either each month or every six months depending.., with additional pulses every time the Megastructure is built, upgrading & upgraded. This should solve any issue with planets changing sizes in game via mods, vanilla or otherwise.


Known Bugs/Missing Pieces:

  • Defence Grid Platforms do not currently match the technology of the Empire in question building/using them. (Some hiccups trying to implement customizable Defence Platforms that were partially globally designed. Working on a solution).
  • Not so much a bug, but more a missing feature. Defence Platforms do not currently use other mods that create new components past vanilla as of yet. (To address in thereafter update).
  • Torus will not be destroyed / destroyed correctly if for example a planet is cracked or a solar system turns into a blackhole to name a few. (To address in thereafter update).
  • May need to tweak a few Torus sizes according to certain planets.
  • Gigastructures, Starnet, 00 Performance, NSC2, and on implementation of a habitable version of the Torus, Planetary Diversity and District Overhaul, will be the primary compatibility concerns of the next few updates. Currently there is no direct compat or integration with other mods as of yet. However some will work regardless, no issues. Conflicts will only arise at the present moment with the aforementioned below.


  • Overwrites the Alloys, Minerals & Influence AI Budgets.
  • Overwrites sciptable triggers default currently.
    (The game does not allow existing scriptable triggers to be replaced individually without producing an error).


Some of the description needs tweaking to reflect the new update, plus some additional screenshots probably wouldn’t go amiss. However i’m a bit tired, so I’ll do it when able.

If you find any issues, please don’t hesitate to give me a hola, and I’ll see what I can do.

Please be patient.

Note: If the original author gets in contact and requests a take down at anytime, I shall do as such.

And as always. Thank You.

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