Trace Rooms Standalone For for Stellaris

Trace Rooms Standalone For for Stellaris

Trace Rooms Standalone is the rooms from my various (some unpublished) ‘Trace Empire Customisation’ mods, all together in one standalone pack for people who don’t want city files or excess species categories.

Originally I had a few dozen cropped-type rooms but Diverse Rooms was published right before mine. Rather than compete with some cool modders who can update their mod often, I thought I’d have my own direction and restrict my publishing to a smaller number of vanilla-art-style friendly rooms.

Rooms are partly ‘window’ type and partly ‘background’. Window rooms are like the vanilla, where you can see the planet behind you, while background rooms take up the whole room portrait space.

I will admit to you, the quality of these rooms will vary. Some are a little throwaway and if nobody wants them I can remove them.
However, the upper end are actually quite pretty in my opinion: I added fake depth of field, occlusion and subtle bloom (i.e. airbrushing, colour peaks and lens flares) to some of the rooms I’m more attached to.

There are DOZENS of manually done rooms, but here are some highlights:
– Arachnid room
– Monastery rooms (sky, desert and ‘window’ versions)
– Cyberpunk room
– Sol Empire room (orange and white hi-tech room I made for my own custom empire)
– Mass Effect Kett room
– Governing room (based on government office loading screen; alien edited out and lighting tweaks)

If you have any suggestions, feel free to say. I’m a little burnt out of Stellaris but at 1.8 I will be back.
This pack WILL grow, and in the update I will have new materials to work with since these are largely edited from vanilla.

No localisation needed: Room names are only for reference. Russians and Chinese rejoice.

Art credits:
Paradox and their artists, myself for editing. GIMP and Photoshop used.
I found most the background images online, if you made the art just say and I’ll add a link to your work, and an endorsement from me!

Should be compatible with everything, rooms are injected into menus rather than edited into the base files.
If you use my other mods you will have duplicates. For full features, check the collection at the top ????

Trace Projectile
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