Whispers from the Void – A Portrait Mod

Whispers from the Void – A Portrait Mod

Born from conflict, the ancient Elvhen people have lost most of their history to the tides of war. Once a proud race of fearsome warriors, the last remnants of their civilization now reside on a ruined world, scarred by forgotten wars. But even though the last of their elders have long since passed over into the Void, their descendants still carry on their ancient rites and traditions – honing their martial skills in preparation of a prophesied war against an ancient enemy, whose identity has long been erased from history.

Whispers from the Void – A Portrait Mod

Features and compatibility

  • Unique civic and trait. (The AI should not be able to pick them randomly and they will therefore not appear in your game, unless your force spawn them.)
  • Unique city set and ruler room.
  • Unique portraits.
  • Ironman compatible.
  • Not Achievement compatible.
  • Should be compatible with most mods.
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