X-Universe Races Stellaris

X-Universe Races Stellaris

This is my first mod and a fan creation to bring the X game series’ races to Stellaris.
It adds prescripted empires, name lists, flag emblems, AI personalities with unique diplomatic flavor text, system initializers, traits, planet modifiers, civics and governments based on the races in Egosoft’s[www.egosoft.com ] X game series (with the focus on X3 Terran Conflict).

Aside from the prescripted empires this mod adds the following things that are usable for other species:

Name Lists
The name lists can be selected for custom empires but won’t show up for randomly generated AI empires in-game. They contain leader, ship, fleet and planet names all originating from X background lore and X3TC game files. Currently available name lists are:

Flag Emblems
This mod adds the faction symbol of the Argon, Boron, Goner, Kha’ak, Paranid, Pirates, Split, Teladi and Xenon from the X3TC game files as flag emblems to Stellaris that are available during empire creation and may be used for random AI empires. I used this tool[gitlab.com] to give them the specific Stellaris flag emblem coloring.

AI Personalities
Each prescripted empire will have its own AI personality that will also show up for other AI empires if they fulfill somewhat strict requirements. All personalities come with unique sets of diplomatic flavor text. Currently available personalities are:

Arrogant Zealots (Paranid)
Peaceful Moralists (Boron)
Domineering Taskmaster (Terran)
Note that due to the way Paradox did the rooms in 1.6, these personalities will get the default room if they should show up on a random empire.

System Initializers
I tried to figure out from lore how the home systems of each species look like so the system initializers are a mix of lore and what I made up myself. The start systems are only available for the respective prescripted empire and for other custom empires and might be unbalanced compared to the other initializers in Stellaris. The currently avalable system initializers are:
Eo (Boron)
All I figured out is that Nishala is the second planet in the system, that the atmosphere is lethal to all non-native life and that it has at least three moons and several smaller asteroids as satellites. I expanded that with an asteroid belt with several larger asteroids and an outer gas giant.
Reborn to Life (Paranid)
Paranid Prime is the eighth planet of the K-type star Reborn to Life. It is a large desert world suffering violent storms with three moons. Seventh Eye, despite being a barren world, was the first Paranid colony, I therefore made it into a desert world with the modifiers bleak and weak magentic field. The rest of the system was made up by me. A gimmick is the number three which is holy in Paranid mythology, therefore all planet sizes, orbit distances and angles are divisible by three. There are also nine planets total (the fifth and sixth are supposed to be binary) with three of them as trojans at the Lagrange points of the gas giant.
Sol (Terran)
Pretty much Stellaris’ Sol system except Earth has the Torus Aeternal and more tile blockers. The Torus is still under construction which is simulated by the tile blockers. To offset the increased research cost of having a colony right from the start the Torus comes with a custom administration generating science.

All traits can show up randomly for all species in-game. Currently available are:

Apt Mathematicians (cost 1, +8% physics and engineering research from pop)
Hibernation (cost 1, +5 leader lifespan, -5% food consumption, -60% army maintenance)
Aquatic (cost 1, +150% planet fortification, +200% habitability for ocean, continental and tropical, -200% habitability for the other planet classes except Gaia and Ringworld)
Larocracy (cost 2, +1 leader skill, +15% leader experience, -10% leader cost)
Planet Modifiers

Toxic Environment (-100% habitability, occurs very rarely for tropical, continental, ocean, tundra and savannah worlds)

State Devotion (Authoritarian; ethic attraction +10%, unrest -10)
Faith in Science (Spiritualist; scientist cost -60%, research speed +3%
Constitutional Monarchy (Democratic, but not fanatic Egalitarian; unity +5%, leader capacity +1, maintains a general leader as monarch with agenda)
Note: With the monarchy civic, your empire will have a general that is appointed as king/queen, granting your empire an agenda. Upon death, this general will be replaced by a heir with a new agenda. Your empires ruler will be a prime minister that is selected via a regular election. However, because election pool restriction does not work currently, the monarch might be elected as prime minister. There’s nothing I can do to prevent that.

The flavor governments added are as follows:

Divine Mandate (Imperial, has State Devotion, is Spiritualist)
Constitutional Monarchy (has Constitutional Monarchy civic)
Prescripted Empires
The prescripted empires work exactly like the others in the game. They can be selected as the player race for a new game or may show up as one of the random AI opponents. Currently available are:

Godrealm of the Paranid
Queendom of Boron (Borons start without military ships. They get an additional science ship with scientist instead.)
Earth State (Terrans get the Torus Aeternal as an additional colony from the beginning)
Since this mod does not override anything from the base files it should be compatible with everything that does not temper too much with vanilla functionality. However, there might be naming issues, etc, so use at caution like every other mod.

I’m going to add the Argon, Split and Teladi as prescripted empires. The Xenon and Kha’ak are more fitting as an endgame crisis I have not decided on adding yet.
I’m also not sure if I’ll add custom art assets as I currently use the already present portraits and ship models simply because I am no artist. While I might be able to mine ship models from the X3TC files I do not see a point in adding any portraits if they would neither be animated nor look anything like the Stellaris art style.
I’ll eventually provide German localization.

I am also open to discuss on more fitting ethics, traits, etc, since there is some room for interpretation on how the X-game races translate into Stellaris empires.

9. May 2017 – 0.3.2 updated for 1.6 Adams
30. Apr 2017 – 0.3.1 updated for 1.5 Banks
6 Dec 2016 – 0.3 added Terrans; adjustments for 1.4 Kennedy
27 Oct 2016 – 0.2.1 on request english localization for german games
22 Oct 2016 – 0.2 added Borons; tweaks to Paranid personality and Reborn to Life; adjustments for 1.3 Heinlein
2 Oct 2016 – 0.1 initial release with the Paranids available

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