XC – Colonize Any Climate Stellaris

XC – Colonize Any Climate Stellaris

Changes the colonization mechanics to allow you to colonize any climate as soon as colony ships become available; also changes the climate research technology to give +5 Habitability instead of the ability to colonize.

My reasoning for this mod is that you are an advanced space faring civilization, you should be able to build a biodome on the surface of any planet and survive. We, as humans, already have this technology today, so it stands to reason that in 200 years doing something like that won’t be much of a problem.

How this change will impact your game:

1. Total Habitability bonus, aquired via research, will increase from the unmodded +10 to +45. The additional 35 comes from +5 Habitability per climate environment researched, of which there are seven.

2. AI will take advantage of this early game. Expect the AI to expand much faster early game then they did previously.

3. The “Adaptive” and “Extremely Adaptive” traits becomes more valuable on a species, allowing for them to colonize some of the most extreme environments and still be relative happy. This is already balanced by the hefty 5 point cost of Extremely Adaptive.

4. Robots become more important early game, allowing for you to snatch up planets early. Again, this is already balanced due to the increasing research costs of having more planets.

5. An overall most “Strategic” feel to early game expansion. No longer are you forced to colonize your species single climate, you can now CHOOSE to colonize climates that aren’t that ideal. YOU decide if you want to deal with unhappy and unproductive citizens on a world they are not suited for.


This mod makes changes to “00_planet_classes.txt” as well as “00_soc_tech.txt”. Due to the way Sterllaris handles CHANGES made to these files, this mod will NOT be compatable with any other mod that CHANGES these files. This is a limitation of the modding tools (as far as I know), in that changing a pre-existing technology requires that you include these files to overwrite the default games files. (if someone know how to make these changes without duplicate tech entries showing up, by all means let me know in the comments).

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