ZT’s IRL Human Namelist

ZT’s IRL Human Namelist

Some miscreant had the idea to plagiarise the Human namelist from my mod, and present it as a separate mod.

Well, an excellent idea sir! but are at least an honest thief, and some people may indeed like the namelist but not the gameplay changes around it.

However, ever the sore loser I am, I also figured I can publish these segments in my own separate mod, so subscribers can chose between the honest thief and the hard-toiling content creator who had to do research into the top first and second names and the odd naming conventions (name orders, etc.) of 47 human languages. :p

So, the mod includes:

– reworked human ship, planet etc. names, better representing mankind’s cultural diversity (lot more Chinese and Indian and a decent amount of Arab and African names; and of course many Western additions to the vanilla list)

– changed naming convention (cities for corvettes; small countries or larger nations’ provinces/states for destroyers; land and naval battles, generals and wartime leaders for cruisers; humanity’s unifying ideas, virtues and abstract concepts for battleships; etc.)

– 47 (sic, that is, fourty-seven) language groups for leader names, each weighted realistically according to UN median population projections around 2100. This means:
1. considerably less American, European, Russian and Japanese names,
2. a great deal more Indian, Arabic, and Anglo/Franso/Lusophone African names,
2. China’s weight remains roughly the same,
3. nice little oddities like Hungarian, Armenian or Khmer leaders. Well, one in every one or two gameplays. 🙂

All these are part of my original mod, which depicts Earth in a near-future scenario, as I imagine it.

P.S. You can thank the honest plagiarist for the excellent idea of a separate namelist mod . Not sure whether he moderates the comments or not.

P.S. 2: Cybrxkhan’s mod has also been ripped off by this gentleman, so he also deserves his mods to be checked by everybody.

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