Animated Scrin Portraits Mod

Animated Scrin Portraits Mod

This mod adds animated Scrin portraits from the C&C Tiberium Universe.


1. Scrin portraits
2. 3 Scrin Civics: Scrin, Reaper-17, and Traveler-59
3. Scrin trait
4. Scrin Namelist
5. Scrin Flags
6. Scrin System Start with a custom modifier
7. Scrin buildings: Threshold Tower and Control Relay Node
8. Scrin cityset (created by Twink315)
9. Scrin rooms
10. Scrin prescripted empire

Scrin EVA


1. Tiberium Wars Mod:

2. GDI Portraits:

3. Nod Portraits:

Achievement & Ironman Compatible Portraits


1. Credit and thanks to Twink315 for permission to use his Scrin cityset. His mod page is linked here:

2.The images used to make these portraits are from multiple sources across several C&C game concept art and fan artwork.

-Please Note- This mod does not contain the shipset shown in the images above.

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