Krelian’s Reduced Fleets (x0.25) For Mod

Krelian’s Reduced Fleets (x0.25) For Mod

*Updated for 1.6.x

*Updated for 1.5.x
– Mod almost completely overhauled. Please view description.
– If you want to use the old version, please check Krelian’s Reduced Fleets (x0.25) – Lite

Krelian’s Reduced Fleets (x0.25)
The main aim is to improve late game performance.
Also works for those who hate the huge fleets of late game.
Reduces to 1/4 the fleet supply galaxy wide.
Raises HP, shields, and damage of every ship 4 times.
Raises 4 times the cost of almost every ship and component. Indirectly this also raises 4 times the maintenance.

Full list of changes:

Fleet Supply from Starports, Starport upgrades, Habitats, Ascension Perk, and Population, reduced to 1/4 of vanilla.
Starting Fleet Supply raised from 10 to 15.
All weapons raised cost and damage 4 times. Exception to this are:
NPC’s weapons: Space monsters, crisis enemies, leviathans, etc.
PD weapons and flak: As fighter/bomber’s HP not touched.
Starport weapons.
Weapons obtainable from monsters, like crystal shards, matter disintegrators, etc. Now they are cheap, but weak.

Corvettes, Destroyers, Cruisers, and Battleship HP raised 4 times. Shields also raised 4 times.
Almost all ship section and components cost raised 4 times.
All this should translate into ships that are 4 times as costly (in supply, minerals, and maintenance), but 4 times as powerfull as vanilla. Overall, the balance should be the same, only every ship now represents 4 vanilla ships.

This mod probably wont be compatible with other mods that modifies ships, balance weapons, add new ships, or similar. Alsolutelly dont use it with the lite version of this mod, as that will only make ship maintenances 16! times as high as vanilla.
If you want to mix and match with other mods that modifies ships and components, I suggest you try the lite version.

My other mod:

Krelian’s 7.5x Sector Resource Transfer

Krelian’s Reduced Fleets (x0.25) – Lite

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