Sci-Fi Corporation Emblems

Sci-Fi Corporation Emblems

Ever wanted to recreate your favourite corporation from a sci-fi work of fiction, but found the existing emblems… inadequate?

This mod solves your woes. It contains corporate logos from various books, movies and video games, all assembled in one place and modified to fit the Stellaris aesthetic (Stellaris Gold emblems). The choice of corporations is entirely arbitrary but I tried to include at least one corporation from works of fiction I found iconic or memorable. I looked at wether the corporation in question already has presence in space, is rich and expansive enough to venture into space one day, or is powerful and influential enough to form a world government. I also took into account the possible civics and government forms as well as RP potential. And finally, I take suggestions from subscribers.

The mod is Ironman & Achievements compatible!

Player-made empires only (Random AI empires will not use these emblems)

Corporations included in this mod (in order of appearance):
Category “Sci-Fi Corporate 1”:
– Anaheim Electronics (Gundam)
– Aperture Science (Portal)
– Black Mesa (Half-Life)
– Blue Sun (Firefly/Serenity)
– Chiron Incorporated (>observer_)
– CHOAM (Dune)
– Cyberdyne Systems (Terminator)
– Czerka (KOTOR)
– Greystone Industries (Battlestar Galactica/Caprica)
– Hanka Precision Instruments (Ghost In The Shell)
– Hyperion (Borderlands)
– Jupiter Mining Corporation (Red Dwarf)
– Kenbishi Heavy Industries (Ghost In The Shell)
– LexCorp (Superman)
– MANN CO. (Team Fortress 2)
– Massive Dynamic (Fringe)
– Militech (Cyberpunk)
– OCP (Robocop)
– Robo Ready (Robo Recall)
– Soylent (Soylent Green)
– Tessier-Ashpool S.A. (Neuromancer)
– Toha Heavy Industries (BLAME!)
– Trauma Team International (Cyberpunk)
– TriOptimum (System Shock)
Category “Sci-Fi Corporate 2”:
– Adeptus Mechanicus (Warhammer 40k)
– Arasaka (Cyberpunk)
– Capsule Corp (Dragon Ball)
– Comstar (BattleTech)
– Planet Trade Organisation (Dragon Ball Z)
– Tyrell (Blade Runner)
– Ultor (Red Faction/Saints Row)
– Umbrella (Resident Evil)
– Vault Tec (Fallout)
– Veidt Enterprises (Watchmen)
– Virtucon (Austin Powers)
– Wayne Enterprises (Batman)
– Weyland-Yutani (Alien)
– Yoyodyne (Multiple franchises, introduced in the novel V.)

If you have a suggestion for a corporation please head to the discussions section and I’ll see what I can do.

I hope this mod improves in small way your next corporation playthrough. Enjoy!

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