Universe at War: Civics, Traits, and Policies Patch Mod

Universe at War: Civics, Traits, and Policies Patch Mod


This is a patch that adds the extra features from each UAW shipset mod. This includes civics, events, jobs, traits, armies, starting systems, prescripted empires, and policies for the Hierarchy, Novus, and Masari factions.

I removed these extra features from all three mods so that only the cosmetic changes such as ships, portraits, and graphics won’t affect the gameplay balance. This patch is simply an add-on for people who want additional features in their playthroughs.


1. Civics: “Hierarchy Walker Technology”, “Dynamic Flow Network”, and “Masari Energy Cycle”
2. Policies: “Novus Patch Policies” & “Masari Light/Dark Policies”
3. Traits: “Novus machine trait”
4. Armies: “Hierarchy Walkers” – Habitat, Assembly, Science, and Purifier Walkers
5. Custom starting systems for the Hierarchy, Masari, and Novus
6. Prescripted Empires for all three factions


Hierarchy Walker Technology unlocks several walker army types for use in ground assaults once Droids Technology is researched. Just like the walkers in-game, each have their strengths and weaknesses:
1. Habitat Walker: The most common walker used by the Hierarchy. Possesses similar stats to a Mega-Warform unit.
2. Assembly Walker: Stronger than the Habitat and more durable but costly.
3. Science Walker: Low health but high collateral damage output.
4. Purifier Walker: Superweapon unit with high attack, morale, and collateral damage, but expensive and less durable.
5. Orlok Battle Platform: Based on Orlok himself, has high morale damage.


Dynamic Flow Network unlocks a special policy tab that has 10 patches in total. Each patch has different modifiers that can be used for any situation. Like any policy, only one can be activated at a time.

Factory Settings – Default, no modifier

1. Backup Systems – Increased army and ship health
2. Coolant Boost – Increased ship weapon damage
3. Emergency Flow – Increased monthly energy production
4. Optimized Assembly – Increased pop and army build speed
5. Optimized Collection – Increased monthly mineral production
6. Overclocking – Increased ship fire rate and speed at the cost of reduced ship shield strength.
7. Radiation Shielding – Increased ship shield strength
8. Spectrum Cycle – Increased ship sensor range
9. Viral Cascade – Increased ship shield penetration and evasion
10. Visual Amplifier – Increased ship weapon range

Novus Platform Trait – gives a bonus towards pop assembly speed and upkeep at the cost of army health.


Masari Energy Cycle grants the psionic trait for all pops at the start of the game and unlocks the Masari Energy Policy tab that includes modifers for both Light and Dark Energy Cycles:

In Balance – Default, no modifier

1. Light Matter Mode – Increased ship sensor range, weapon damage, weapon range, and army attack damage at the cost of decreased ship armor and army defense health.

2. Dark Matter Mode – Increased ship armor, armor regeneration, ship fire rate, speed, and army defense health at the cost of decreased ship weapon damage, range, and army attack damage.

– The civic also unlocks a special building for the Masari: The Matter Engine Network – increased monthly energy production and a small increase to planet job production. The building does not require upkeep and unlocks two Architect jobs that produce both energy and alloys as well as speed up planet army, building, and district build times. Only one Matter Engine can be constructed on a planet.

Note: You do not require the shipsets for this patch to work but it is strongly recommended.

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